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Camo clothing is expensive and I don’t see the price going down anytime soon. Hopefully I can provide you with some tips to keep that clothing usable a bit longer.

-When washing, turn everything inside out.

-Wash in cold only.

-Unless your clothes are really dirty, I use the gentle cycle on all my camo.

-The only product I use to wash my clothes in is baking soda.  I am not saying there aren’t good products that might offer a scent free wash, I just don’t use them.  I usually line the bottom of the washer with baking soda, fill up the washer 1/2 way withclothes, layer with baking soda, load more clothes and top off with baking soda.  Just be sure to break up any lumps before you put the lid down.

-I have been told that hanging the clothes up to dry also cuts down on the wear and tear but honestly, that isn’t going to happen in my house.  So I usually put the clothes on medium or light heat.  Some dryers might state delicates.  I just don’t use the full high heat.

-If the clothes are going to be stored for the next season, I make sure they are completely dry then fold them up and place in plastic containers with a locking lid.

-If I am still using my camo, they are packed up either in a scent free duffle bag or the plastic bin I have designated for that season.

-I usually have a plastic bin for heavies and winter camo and then a different bin for spring camo.  That might seem redundant but I got tired of yelling who has my wool socks?  Where are my gloves?

-While camo clothing is designed to be tough and rugged, it doesn’t do anyone any good if it’s washed out and faded.  Sometimes just a bit more care will help you keep those much needed tools of the hunt a bit longer.

Happy Hunting!

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Practice uphill and downhill corrections.

I don’t want to get too into posting other people’s articles.  But every now and then I run across an article that is just too good to pass up.

10 Ways To Stronger Rifle Field Shooting Positions is full of information and great advice.  Well worth the read.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

10 Ways To Stronger Rifle Field Shooting Positions

By Shawn Carlock

After having spent years in the hunting fields, rifle competitions, and training arenas, I have noted that a high number of missed “field” shots in these conditions were the result of unstable or flat out poor shooting positions. Now, in the areas of hunting, rifle competition, and training, your field shooting position will often be far from ideal. However, there are things you can do to raise your first round hit percentage by improving your shooting position.

1. Get your rifle as close to the ground as possible. The higher your body and your rifle are up in the air, the less stable you typically are. Not all field positions allow you to be right on the dirt, but be there whenever you can. Even if you do not use a bipod on your rifle, simply being prone and unsupported is a better position than sitting, kneeling, or leaning against a tree. The closer you and your rifle are to the dirt, the more stable you will be. Now, getting low may not always be possible, so be prepared for other unique field shooting positions, but try to stay low whenever possible.


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Accidents and injuries happen and when we are out in the wilderness hunting and help is not right around the corner, it becomes particularly important to have the right tools for handling injuries and know what to do with them.

Meet Dr. Julia Heinz.  She lives in Alaska and has been hunting all her life.  She’s put together a really nice article, OutdoorMed: Wilderness Aid, that is simple and easy to understand.  She shows what you need to put in your emergency kit and how to use these items.

I love that Julia is BOTH a doctor and a hunter.  She seems like an awesome person and her website is definitely worth checking out: WomenHuntingAlaska.com.  Check it out!!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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shooting 01When it comes to learning, games and interactive media are wonderful!  Computers and the internet have made learning many new things fun rather than grueling.  Hunting education and safety are now easier than ever as well as fun!

When hunting, we tend to get excited when we have an animal in our sights.  But just because they’re in your sights doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger.  When IS the correct time to pull the trigger?  What is a good angle and what is a bad angle?  If you pull the trigger, is the animal going to fall down dead because it was a good shot, or is it going to run away hurt?

The interactive game, Shoot or Don’t Shoot, is a good way to learn if you should shoot or not shoot a deer depending on the angle it is at or what is between you and the deer.  Brought to you buy the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, this is a wonderful interactive learning exercise that is very educational and useable.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Treestand Safety Course at HunterCourse.com

Every hunter should be thoroughly trained in hunting safety.  But hunting from a treestand has its own set of safety procedures that go with it and if you are hunting from a stand, you’re definitely going to want to know them and have them down cold.

HunterCourse.com has a wonderful, free, online treestand safety course.  If you ever hunt from a treestand, take the time and do this course.  They could not have made it any more convenient and easy.  It’s free.  It’s online.  And you can do it at your convenience.

FREE Treestand Safety Course

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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MC900439610Sometimes sighting in your rifle can be confusing.  I personally don’t tend to turn the dials the wrong way, but I’ve seen others do it more times than I can count.  I’ve also seen them turn the wrong dial.

Well who knew that this was even possible… but now you can practice sighting in your rifle online!  HunterCourse.com has a great interactive rifle range.

1. You can choose from 3 different ranges: shotgun range, rifle range and archery range.

2. You can choose from 4 different target types.

3. There are 3 sight options; open, peep and telescope.

4. You can change your shooting position to either standing, sitting, kneeling, prone or bench rest.

This fun interactive range takes your through all of the steps to get your rifle sighted perfectly.  It’s fun and educational!

HunterCourse.com Interactive Rifle Range!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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MP900262774One of the most important and essential components of hunting is safety.  It is a basic element.  It is a building block in which all other hunting activities are based on and built upon.  Whether we are hunting alone on our own private property or on public land with countless other hunters around us, we should always be looking through our proverbial safety glasses.

It is always heart wrenching to hear stories about hunting accidents.  Of course, no matter how much you know and prepare, an accident can happen.  But many accident are avoidable.  No matter how much you know, you don’t know everything.  You can always learn something new.  Even an old dog.

My butcher, Bryson, told me a good story the other day.  He was standing there cleaning and butchering an elk that was hanging and an old man hobbled by.  The old man stopped and watched Bryson for a while.  Finally the old man piped up, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Butchering an elk,” Bryson said, a little more than annoyed by the nosy old man.

The old man raised an eyebrow.  “Well that might be what you think you’re doing anyway!” And with that, he proceeded to walk over to Bryson and show him a thing or two about butchering.

It ends up that the old man was a butcher for over 60 years.  He knew a lot.  Bryson has also been doing his job for some time and his father was a butcher too.  Bryson was smart.  He didn’t have to know everything.  He recognized immediately that this old man had a lot to teach and that he had a lot to learn.  He shut his mouth and learned a lot that day.

So again… no matter how much we know, we can always learn more.  And hunter safety is so important that we should always assume there is more to learn.  Lives depend on it.

Let me introduce you to Hunter-ed.com.  They offer free online safety courses for your state (33 states at this time).  You simply choose your state and register for free.  They have made the official state curriculum fun and easy. You can learn at your own pace with engaging and interactive animations and videos. Learning hunting safety has never been so easy!

This is MY next step on my hunting to-do list.  I hope to see you there!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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