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I normally go out and start buying hunting gear just before hunting season rolls around.  That happens to be when I start thinking about it and it’s also when the products are in stores and are also on prominent display.  That’s a good time to buy hunting gear since it’s all right in front of you and you have lots to choose from.  But if you want to save some money, buying right before season might not be the best time to buy.

Buying products in the off-season is a great way to save money.   Products are seriously discounted so that they will move out to make room for products that are in-season.

Example: I just bought a 15′  2-man ladder treestand that normally sells for at least $179 for only $49!  Actually… it was such a great deal, I bought two of them.  The first response from several people was that I would then have to buy harnesses for it and they could cost $99 each.  Nope!  It came with 2 harnesses!  I’ve already put one together and it seems to be a pretty descent stand.  After next hunting season, I’ll have to do an update on how I liked hunting in it and how it’s holding up.

Anyway… This is a great example of the deals you can get when you simply buy off-season.  The dangerous part is…. now I’m excited to see what other great deals I can find now for next hunting season.  Don’t tell my husband!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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