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Today… I’m going to rant.  If you don’t want to hear it then quit reading.

I am a female.  I hunt.  As a matter of fact, I would say that I LOVE to hunt.  As a hunter, I need hunting clothes.  As a female, I need, specifically, women’s hunting clothes.

I had a good year and through hard work, sheer determination and willpower, I lost a lot of weight.  I went from a size 14 to a size 4.  So when it came time to get out the hunting gear, including clothing, I realized that I would have to buy all new hunting clothes.  I like buying clothes so I was happy with that.  I drove to the nearest Cabela’s because that’s where I found great hunting clothes the last time I shopped.

Cabela’s hunting clothes section is huge!  And I don’t just mean huge.  I mean HUGE!  I made my way through racks and racks and racks of men’s hunting clothes.  Snow jackets, rain jackets, cold, warm and hot jackets.  Big pants, little pants, everything in between pants.  Thick shirts, thin shirts, long, medium and short sleeved shirts.  Clothes for over, clothes for under, clothes for if you’re caught in thunder.  Lightweight clothes, scent control clothes, upland, layering and blaze orange clothes. Clothes for all your hunting needs, whether it’s elk, deer, bear or goats you please.  Forests, marshes, plains or snow, let’s go hunting, men!  Let’s go, go, go!

And after wading through the vastness that is the men’s hunting clothes section, I finally found the women’s hunting clothes.  Both racks.  The first rack had a brand called OutfitHER.  Cute.  This rack had two jackets and two pairs of pants on it.  One jacket and pants looked like they were for snow.  I’m on the coast of Oregon.  It doesn’t snow here.  I have hot flashes and if I were hunting in the North Pole it would still be too hot for me.  Moving on.  The other outfit was a little lighter and for rain.  Oregon coast = rain.  Perfect.  I took a look.

The pockets on this jacket were interesting.  It had 2 outside chest pockets, 2 hand pockets and a sleeve pocket.  Let’s start with the 2 chest pockets.  I’m not sure why you would have pockets there.  I’m not really used to storing things on the outside of my boobs.  Let’s move to the cool little pocket on the forearm of the left sleeve.  Seems nice, but it’s small and again, I’m not sure what you would put there.  Then it had the regular hand pockets.  That’s it.  No inside pockets.  No big square pockets on the outside of the hand pockets for putting hunting stuff you want to carry around with you.

I saw a boys coat an the rack next to me.  I quickly did an inventory of the pockets.  The many, many, many useful and well placed pockets.  Hmmm… why could they not have all of those awesome pockets on the women’s coat?  Oh well.  The selection was limited so I tried on the rain suit.  It looked like crap.  I’m a size 4 and it made me look fat.  That’s hard to do.  Even my husband raised an eyebrow before shaking his head from side to side.

So… on to women’s hunting clothes rack number 2.  Here is the Cabela’s brand hunting pants and shirt.  I already have the shirt.  It’s your basic long-sleeve button-up shirt but it’s shaped for a female and stiff as hell.  Again, I see the little boys rack next to me.  I reach over and feel the boys hunting shirt.  It’s soft.  Very soft.  WTF?  I move on to the Cabela’s hunting pants.  Nice.  Lots and lots of pockets.  I like it.  Wait… Maybe these are supposed to be on the little boys rack next to me and some idiot put them on the women’s rack as a cruel joke.  Nope!  The tell-tale pink tag that legally must accompany all female hunting clothes reassures me that this is, indeed, for women.  I grab the only one close to my size before some other female sees it.  I’m tired and I don’t really want to fight over the only good piece of women’s hunting clothes in Cabela’s.

The pants fit!  They look good.  But, of course, they are too long because I am too short.  That’s okay.  I will have them altered before hunting season.  As I am on my way to the register to pay for my pants, I make one last pass by the women’s hunting clothes thinking that maybe I missed a rack somewhere.  I didn’t.  However, I am in need of a new hunting coat and it occurs to me that maybe… just maybe… that wonderful little boys coat will fit me.  I try on a medium.  It fits!  YES!  I love all the pockets.

Next stop: Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Their hunting clothes section is tiny.  The women’s rack is… well… one rack.  After trying everything on, I buy a Field & Stream women’s rain jacket and pants.  Size: small.  I smile.  I also get the Field & Stream women’s insulated bomber jacket.  It looks good on me.  My husband grins and gives me a thumbs up.  The rain suit is great.  No complaints.  The bomber jacket?  Well… much like the OutfitHER jacket I question why they can’t put more pockets on women’s hunting clothes.  Do the people that make these think that we don’t carry anything when we hunt?  Maybe the man that must be hunting with us is supposed to carry everything for us.  After all, we probably aren’t really hunting anyway.  We’re probably there to just be cute in our little hunting clothes.  And… the inside of all the Field & Stream clothes is red.  Yes, you read that right.  Red.  Because when I am hunting and I get hot and want to sit there with my jacket open, I want the deer to look at me and instead of not seeing me because I am in full camo, blending in with my surroundings, I want the deer to see some NOT camo; some good solid red.  Seriously… did they not think this through????

My final stop for hunting clothes shopping – WalMart.  I’ve been surprised in recent years over the fact that I have had good luck with finding hunting clothes at WalMart.  I bought a pair of Mossy Oak cargo pants that I love.  They have lots of awesome pockets and drawstrings at the bottom of the legs so, even if they are a little bit too long, no problemo!  I also got a long-sleeve camo shirt with a few buttons at the top.  Love it.  I bought one last year and loved it so much I wore it all year.  I think the pants were $19.99 and the shirt was $9.99.  You can’t beat that!

And the very last place I looked for hunting clothes… the internet.  Now here is where I am going to really rant because, frankly, this shit just pisses me off.  When I look for hunting clothes, the last things I want to see are camo bikinis, camo shorts that are so short your ass hangs out the back, cute little lacy camo nightys and lingerie worn by tall sluts and I definitely… and I mean I DEFINITELY have no interest in camo thongs!!!!  I am insulted that when I go to search for camo hunting clothes… TO HUNT IN… I have to wade through crap that was never, ever, ever meant to hunt in.  I can’t believe that many websites actually put this crap in the women’s hunting clothes section.

Is there a company out there that makes REAL women’s hunting clothes for REAL women, designed by WOMEN, FOR HUNTING???  Maybe I should go to kickstarter and raise the funds to start one.  Hmmmm…. definitely something to think about.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Founder of HerCamoShop.com, Shelly Ray.

HerCamoShop.com was founded by Shelly Ray.  Men have lots of choices when it comes to buying hunting apparel and gear and Shelly thought that women deserved the same thing.  She has searched the world over for the latest hunting gear, accessories, apparel and gadgets for the female hunter and has put them in one centralized location: HerCamoShop.com.  Shelly continues to search for the best products and constantly adds them to her online store.

Earn camo-cash when you shop at HerCamoShop.com.  What’s camo-cash you may ask?  Customers earn rewards on every purchase they make. For every dollar you spend you earn a 3% reward.  The rewards accumulate and then you can spend them at HerCamoShop.

HerCamoShop looks like a pretty good place to shop and they seem to have good prices.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Accidents and injuries happen and when we are out in the wilderness hunting and help is not right around the corner, it becomes particularly important to have the right tools for handling injuries and know what to do with them.

Meet Dr. Julia Heinz.  She lives in Alaska and has been hunting all her life.  She’s put together a really nice article, OutdoorMed: Wilderness Aid, that is simple and easy to understand.  She shows what you need to put in your emergency kit and how to use these items.

I love that Julia is BOTH a doctor and a hunter.  She seems like an awesome person and her website is definitely worth checking out: WomenHuntingAlaska.com.  Check it out!!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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This is from NevadaFoodies.com:

Antelope black bean and white corn tacos

Hi there I’m a female hunter who loves the Nevada outdoors, cooking and photography. We recently pulled a Bull Elk Tag last year for Nevada and after that we had freezers packed full of elk meat. I decided as a tribute to the elk that I would design a website full of elk recipes showcasing just how flavorful wild game meat can be.

NevadaFoodies.com is the beginning of a collaborative effort to document creative and flavorful Wild Game Recipes such as Elk, Venison, Antelope, Chukar, Dove, Sage Hen, Duck, Goose and more. The website also features photography of the game recipes as well as photography from Nevada’s great outdoors. If you have recipes or would like to share your comments – please let me know what you think.

I truly value other cooks opinions…. Here’s a few Elk Recipes that I have recently cooked up and showcased on the website:

  • Green Chili Elk Enchiladas
  • Elk Sliders with Pancetta Bacon and Smoked Mozzarella
  • Crustless Elk Sausage and Mushroom Parmesan Quiche
  • Elk Filet with Creamy Alfredo and Mushrooms
  • Elk Italian Sausage Pizza with Ricotta Cheese, sautéed Mushrooms and Onion
  • Baked Elk-n-Sage Ravioli


NevadaFoodies.com truly is a wonderful website with amazing and extraordinary recipes!  Check it out and you  won’t be sorry!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Gamehide Trail’s End Jacket

I bought this Gamehide Trail’s End Jacket at Fred Meyer on sale for only $39.87.  I used it for elk hunting and couldn’t have been happier with it.

I stayed dry and was comfortable, even in the rain.  The jacket was surprisingly quiet and allowed me to sneak through the wood effectively.  It has a fixed hood with a built-in visor, two large zippered pockets on the outside and another pocket on the inside.  Drawstrings help to keep the wind out and the warmth in.

This is such a great jacket that I am finding that I am using it outside of hunting.  I recommend it 100%.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Giant Huntingwear Sale - Save up to 60% - Shop Now

Deer and elk season are over here in Oregon and if you’re like me, you’re already planning next years hunts.

Good hunting gear can be expensive and there is no better time to buy it then when it’s on sale.  Cabela’s is having a huntingwear sale right now!  Find yourself some deals and save up to 60%.  I looked around and they have a small selection of SHE brand clothing on sale as well as some other really nice coats.  So check it out, gear up now and save a little money.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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The Savage 11 Lady Hunter Rifle

When I go deer hunting, I use a Remington Model 700 .243.  I love that gun.  But for elk hunting, a .243 wasn’t going to work.  I needed something bigger.

I asked several hunters and gun enthusiasts for their advice on what gun I should get for elk hunting. Here’s the deal – My .243 is the first gun that I actually hit things with.  Why?  Because I’m not afraid of it.  It doesn’t intimidate me, and more importantly, it doesn’t kick me.  I like that.  Those are two of the most important things for me when it comes to a rifle because a gun that kicks me and makes me flinch vs. a gun that doesn’t is the difference in an accurate shot or an inaccurate shot.  So intimidation and kick were huge factors for me.

Even though I was told about several different guns, a consistent one that was recommended was a .308.  “And it’s a great all-around rifle,” is what I heard over and over again.  I looked at .308s and finally came across the Savage 11 Lady Hunter .308.  I am only 5’4″ and my husband immediately noticed that this gun actually fit me.  I could balance it better than the other guns I was holding.

The Lady Hunter .308 weighs just 6lbs.  It’s overall length is 39.5 inches with the barrel being 20″.  This gun is not just a standard stock made shorter for women.  The engineers at Savage consulted several serious women hunters and put a lot of thought into the design of this rifle.  From stock design, grip girth and placement, to length and weight… the Lady Hunter is actually designed to fit the unique characteristics of a woman’s body.

I added a recoil pad to the end of my rifle to help with the kick.  I will admit that it did take a little practice and getting used to before I was shooting it without flinching.  But it was absolutely doable and didn’t take very long at all.  Within a week I was shooting it pretty accurately without flinch and was consistently hitting a paper plate at 300 yards.

As for elk hunting, I got the chance to use my new Lady Hunter on a 5 by 6 bull.  I shot him in the shoulder and double-lunged him.  He stood there for about 3 seconds and then fell over.  So I would say that my Lady Hunter .308 worked out great for me!  It’s a great gun and a really nice choice if you’re looking for something that’s accurate, fits your body, that’s not too intimidating and doesn’t kick you too much.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci


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Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack

When I go deer hunting, I tend to hunt on small pieces of land or in a blind.  There’s not a lot of hiking involved and not a lot of equipment to carry around.  But when I went elk hunting this year, that changed.  Not only did I need to carry my normal gear, but I also needed to take my rain gear, food and water.  Obviously, I needed to buy a good camo backpack.  I also realized that my arms tend to get tired holding a rifle for a long time, so I wanted a backpack that I could carry it in.

In my search I found the Eberlestock Gunrunner Pack at Cabela’s.  At a reasonable price of just under $150, the Gunrunner Pack is light and surprisingly comfortable.  It has a padded stowable waistbelt to stabilize the load and keep the weight off your shoulders.  With 1,800-cu. inches capacity there is plenty of room for the day’s essentials.  I easily packed it with my rain gear and hats, binoculars, range finder, knives, food, water and all the other little hunting gadgets I carry.  Several vertical and horizontal compression straps also let you grapple things to the pack.

This was a GREAT pack and I was totally comfortable wearing it all day.  It was really wonderful to have my hands totally free so that I could glass the hillsides for elk.  It’s worth every penny and I recommend this pack 100%!

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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Glassing the hillsides for elk.

At 3am day 2 of our elk hunting trip arrived.  This wasn’t just going to be day 2.  This was going to be MY day!  My husband, Dave, had already gotten an elk the day before.  That meant that if we saw an elk, it was mine.  Would it be uphill?  Downhill?  Close?  Far?  Everywhere I looked I wondered if I would be able to make the shot if there was an elk standing there.  And that “IF” was the biggest factor.  80% of the hunters in the unit would not fill their tags.  We got lucky the day before.  Would we get lucky again? COULD we get lucky again?  The odds were strongly against it.  This was more nerve-racking than I thought!

We hiked up a long hill and along a ridge looking for elk in every opening we could find.  We glassed hillsides and valleys, tree lines, streams and wallows.  Elk tracks and droppings literally littered the trail we were on.  It looked like an entire herd had moved through either earlier in the day or the night before.  We were so close and yet were not seeing any actual elk.

Hoping to find an elk before the weather turned.

Dark storm clouds were moving in and the wind was picking up to a point where I was thinking it could seriously impact my shot…. IF I got a shot.  My hunt was being threatened by weather.

Todd saw that I was getting tired so he sat us up on the top of a hill and had us glass a couple of tree lines while he went ahead to scout another area up a steep hill.  I sat there for a while propped up against a tree looking through my binoculars for any sign of elk.  Nothing.  The wind grew stronger and began to dry out my eyes, making it hard to see clearly.  A few threatening drops began to fall from the sky and as I bundled up I realized that the last bit of good weather was about to pass.

Todd came back from his scout, but the only significant signs of elk were on the trail behind us and right where we were standing.  Where were they?  The light was going to start fading soon, so we headed back down the trail towards the truck, looking for elk along the way.

When we were almost to the truck, we stopped and took one last look across a valley and along a hill for elk.  I saw a brown spot and picked up my binoculars.  The spot had antlers.  “ELK!” I yell-whispered to Todd as I tapped his shoulder and pointed excitedly.  He saw them too.

“Oh man!  There’s two and they’re big bulls!” he said.

My first elk.

I threw my backpack on the ground and got out my gun.  We stacked up the packs and I laid on my stomach and rested my gun on the packs and waited for my shot.  “200 yards,” my husband said.  I took aim.

“Wait for him to turn,” Todd said.  “You’ll get a better shot.  Just be patient and wait for it.”  He was right and I did.  Finally the bull turned and my shot opened up.  Todd said, “Now… slowly pull the…”  BOOM!  I assumed the next word was going to be trigger and so I pulled it.  I hit him in the shoulder, the bullet going through both lungs.  He stood there for about 3 seconds and then fell over, tumbling down the hill, taking out trees as he went.

When we got to him he was beautiful!  I had just shot my first elk and I was about as excited as I get.  He was a 5×6 and had a HUGE body!  He was a fighter for sure and had spent an awful lot of time rubbing his antlers.  As for me… I was grinning from ear to ear.

In the end, thanks to Todd, the owner of Grassy Knob Guide and Outfitters, we got two elk in two days.  But we didn’t just get two elk… we got MONSTER elk!  We got once in a lifetime elk.  How cool is that?!  Could I ask for a better story for my first elk hunt?  No.  No I could not.  It was perfect.

Grassy Knob Guide & Outfitters


Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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At 3am the alarm clock went off.  Finally!  Getting up so early was not a problem since I had woken up about 50 times anyway!  Was I a little excited?  That would be a slight understatement.

After a pot of coffee and a high-protein breakfast, we loaded the car and were off to our guide’s house, arriving there just after 5am.  We transferred our gear into his super comfy Dodge Ram pickup truck and we were off to find elk.

The scenery was beautiful.

We arrived at our destination and I finally got to load up with all the awesome hunting gear I had purchased.  I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something truly exhilarating about being fully decked out in camo, masking your scent, blending into the surrounding woods and going hunting.

The scenery was beautiful, but that’s a given being in southwestern Oregon.  But still… it was green, breathtaking and ever so quiet and still since our guide, Todd, managed to take us into areas where nobody else was hunting.  We walked slowly and quietly as Todd showed us tracks from elk, deer, bear and cougar.  Along the way we found rubs from deer and elk, logs demolished by bear while looking for bugs and… a new one for me… elk wallows.  Every single part of the day was amazing.  But it was about to get even better.

Dave and Todd waiting for the shot.

Around 2pm we were hiking up a hill when Todd stopped in his tracks and held out his arm to stop us.  “Elk!” he whispered excitedly.  We all dropped and got out our binoculars as he showed us a massive bull on the next hill over.

“It’s yours” I told my husband.  And as he got out his gun I got out my rangefinder he had gotten me for Christmas and used it in a hunting situation for the first time.

“He’s at 300 yards”, I told him and he dialed it into his scope.  We all took our backpacks off and stacked them up for Dave to use as a gun rest.  The bull had his back to us so we all patiently waited for it to turn and give Dave a good clean shot.  It took a little time, but it was worth it as he finally turned sideways and opened himself up.  Todd gave the okay and Dave shot, hitting him right in the shoulder and sending him tumbling down the hill.

When we got to him, we were in awe of the size of an elk up close.  He was a 6×7 with a beautiful brown symmetrical rack with white tips that was beyond worthy of mounting.  Along the way several people saw him and we heard over and over again about how people hunt their entire lives and never get a shot at an elk that big.  Our butcher said that he had killed 16 elk in his life and none had come even close.

Dave’s amazing elk.

I’m sure that my husband, Dave, smiled for the rest of the day and that night dreamed of his elk.  Of course… I dreamed about his elk too, but wondered what my chances would be of getting one also.

I would find out soon enough…. the very next day.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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