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shooting 01When it comes to learning, games and interactive media are wonderful!  Computers and the internet have made learning many new things fun rather than grueling.  Hunting education and safety are now easier than ever as well as fun!

When hunting, we tend to get excited when we have an animal in our sights.  But just because they’re in your sights doesn’t mean you should pull the trigger.  When IS the correct time to pull the trigger?  What is a good angle and what is a bad angle?  If you pull the trigger, is the animal going to fall down dead because it was a good shot, or is it going to run away hurt?

The interactive game, Shoot or Don’t Shoot, is a good way to learn if you should shoot or not shoot a deer depending on the angle it is at or what is between you and the deer.  Brought to you buy the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, this is a wonderful interactive learning exercise that is very educational and useable.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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