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Last night I got out my Cabela’s Big Game Hunter for the Wii and started playing it.  I started with some target practice.  It starts you out with easier targets and they get harder and harder.  You can shoot all kinds of geese and ducks and then it moves you to rabbits and deer before you start getting attacked by mountain lions and bear!  It’s very addictive and fun!

Finally, once I had the controls down and was confident about my shooting abilities, I moved on to the hunts.  Again… the first hunt is simple and walks you though all of the controls which it actually does a very nice job of.  Each hunt consists of hunting for several animals.  And then there are a dozen different hunts that get more and more difficult.

I’m don’t play video games very often.  I’d rather spend my time doing something a bit more useful.  But I will have to admit that Cabela’s Big Game Hunter is a surprisingly fun game and a bit addictive.  If you like hunting you’re going to like this game.  I had a great time playing it and highly recommend it.

Happy Hunting!

– Marci

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